Life Insurance

Corporate Life Insurance

Institutional Investors and Financial Sponsors regularly safeguard their investments in companies by obtaining Key Person Life Insurance. This insurance is a strategic measure to mitigate the financial impact of losing critical personnel prematurely. It ensures the availability of funds to maintain marketing and operational activities in the event of such a loss, underscoring the significant role key individuals play across all aspects of a business. Life insurance is a vital tool for protecting a company’s stability by covering the loss of essential executives.

Additionally, life insurance serves as a critical mechanism for fulfilling buyout agreements in operational or partnership contracts. These agreements often require the acquisition of a deceased partner’s interest, with life insurance providing the necessary liquidity for these transactions.

Armstrong Financial is distinguished by its expertise in securing large Key Person Life Insurance policies for executives, through a precise and strategic approach. Our process guarantees immediate protection for key personnel, supported by a comprehensive service model that includes detailed reporting, scheduled premium payments, and continuous policy evaluations to ensure that coverage meets the business’s changing needs.

Our clients typically utilize business continuation insurance for the following purposes: